Laptop crash update

I finally have to buy a box to put my laptop hard drive in it and try to save everything I can. I’ll save Eleanor Rosewen, my simself and mainly all my sims horses, but without all the cc, master controller and the pose player, it will never be the same. Even if I make an exception for MC and poses my sims will never be as nice as all yours.

Feel like crying

My laptop is crashing when I start it. My boyfriend is trying to find a way to start it so I can save as much as I can before emptying it and starting everything again from scratch. But I’m affraid I’ll have to take it to an IT technicien on Tesday. If I can save my laptop, I’ll install the sims 3 again but no more cc or mod because that’s what killed it. So, no more pose creation or nice picture for me. I even wont be able to be part of the equus sims community anymore.

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Hehe, I love it really, I’m glad you both have someone to talk to in your native language! I just love to tease ^^

That’s fine, I know. But I really don’t mind talking in english. ^^

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You two and your French!! ;) *kids* <3

Yeah, sorry. It was mainly for Offaly to see how my project for her Equus Sims horseball club turned out.

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It’ll come eventually, or at the very least when it’s made public. I hope the wait isn’t too bad, hon <3

Thank you. It’s just so frustrating seing others TS4 sims and not being able to play with the demo too. But all your TS4 sims are awesome !

Still no TS4 CAS demo for me. I’m starting to think I’ll never have it. :(

It’s never been so hard for me to be patient.